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Excavations, Groundworks & Surfacing.

Need Micro, Mini or Midi Digger & Driver Hire in The Midlands?

Image of a Bobcat e32 Mini Digger / Excavator.

Specialist in awkward excavations.

We specialise in Footings / Foundations, Ground Reduction and Retention, Open trench work for Drainage, Gas, Electric and Water, LPG gas tanks / vessels, septic tanks, sewage treatment plants, cesspits and soak-aways.

Micro Digger & Driver Hire  –  Mini Digger & Driver Hire.
All our Mini Diggers are 24 months old or less, machines are maintained and certified by our local Bobcat main dealer.
Our operators are highly skilled, time served, trained and certificated to CPCS or NOPRS Accreditation, not only will we meet your H&S criteria we will exceed it.

Want to see what we do? Then come this way to view our photo gallery and videos.

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Mini Digger & Driver Hire, Highly Experienced CPCS Operators Covering The Midlands.

Excavator / diggers available from 1.2t micro, through to 8t midi diggers and all come with the option of a tiltrotator and attachments.

Micro Diggers (1.2t) right through to (8t) Midi Diggers available to hire with experienced certificated CPCS or NPORS operators in and around the Midlands and beyond depending on size of job / hire length.

Mini / Midi diggers are an extremely useful piece of equipment especially so when coupled to a Engcon Tiltrotor System and highly experienced fully qualified operator.

If you’ve got a DIY project on the go or are a LOCAL DEVELOPER, BUILDER or LANDSCAPER which involves some major excavation work, hiring SRL MINI DIGGER HIRE will save you time, money and a considerable amount of effort, “don’t hump and maul, pick up the phone and give Joe a call on 07747 682451”.

Our mini diggers are constantly updated and replaced at least (in most instances the mini digger we hire you will be 12 months old or less) every 36 months, we have a contract in place with our local Bobcat main dealer who service, repair, maintain and safety inspect our mini diggers at the recommended intervals.

Due to our commitment to health and safety we do NOT offer our mini diggers on a self drive basis, we only supply our mini diggers with experienced certified time-served operators.

Revolutionary Attachments.

We have invested in what we believe is the best thing since the creation of the Mini Excavator, we are literally one of a handful of company in the U.K. who run this type of equipment on Mini and Midi Diggers.

Introducing the Engcon Tiltrotator Attachment 360 degrees rotation and tilts in all axises enabling our machines to reach the difficult to reach parts that you normally have to dig by hand.

“Imagine the flexiblity this adds to a machine, the machine now has the ability to move it’s buckets and attachments in the same way as a Human moves there wrists”.

Add into the mix the ability to run attachments such as Grapples, Hedge Trimmers, Brushcutters, Grading Beams, Compactor Wheels (Sheeps Foot) and Compaction Plates etc etc the list is endless.

Mini Digger and Driver Hire, With Tiltrotator

We hire out the most advanced mini diggers in the U.K. our mini diggers come with the revolutionary Engcon Tiltrotator attachment.  This allows our mini diggers bucket to rotate in 360 degrees and tilts in all axis’s enabling our machines to reach the difficult to reach parts that you normally have to dig by hand. Our diggers are less the 24 months old, come with a CPCS operator, are equipped with Engcon Tiltrotator and a host of attachments to include but not limited to:- Selector Grab – Grading Beam – Boom-Brush – Flail Mowers and Concrete Breakers

Mini digger and CPCS driver excavating foundations.

The local builder used our services as we had been recommended as being “the best in our industry”, partly due to the fact of substantial investment in the latest mini diggers and the revolutionary Engcon Tiltrotating Equipment and attachments. Not forgetting our enthusiastic hard working time served Blue Card CPCS Mini Digger Operators.

It’s clear to see from the video the time savings that can be made with our equipment. 

Sub-base grading for a local builder.

We was contracted by Adam a proprietor of a local reputable building company (A J CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE) based in the West Midlands to grade off two driveways prior to his guys attending site to screed and lay two block paved driveways.
We have worked for Adam for quite a number of years on 100’s of jobs in and around the Midlands including Birmingham, Burton, Cannock, Hinckley, Lichfield , Walsall, Wolverhampton.

Driveway excavation.

Mini Digger and Driver Hire equipped with a Engcon Tiltrotating Attachment excavating a driveway for a local driveway paving company in the Midlands.

It is easy to see from the video how heavy lifting of the large stones was easily managed by the mini digger and therefore limiting the unnecessary risk of injury to persons on site.

Want to see more of what we do? Then come this way to view our photo or video gallery, alternately click here to see photos of our latest work on our Facebook page.

"The Engcon concept makes our excavator's more efficient".

Engcon products have turned our excavator’s into a flexible tool carrying machine which has opened up capability that was once unimaginable.

They are all centred around the innovative tiltrotator – “our excavator’s wrist”. A flexible tool that provides our excavator’s with entirely new capabilities.

Our Mini and Midi Diggers with  tiltrotators can be equipped with all kinds of accessories and tools to optimise our services.

Add into the mix the ability to run attachments such as Grapples, Hedge Trimmers, Brush cutters, Grading Beams, Compactor Wheels (Sheeps Foot) and Compaction Plates etc etc the list is endless.

Changing between different buckets and attachments is so simple, efficient and quick and all without having to leave machine.

Time saving – Tiltrotator machine is on average 40% – 60% faster over a standard mini digger.

Labour saving – no more hand digging those awkward to get at areas.

Health and safety – no need to get in the trench to hand dig.

No more heavy lifting – with our Tiltrotator and Grapple combination.

Micro Digger & Operator Hire.

Micro digger hire for those jobs that have restricted access.

Our micro diggers are able to gain access through a standard doorway and have the ability to expand their tracks once past the obstruction.

We operate Bobcat E10z micro diggers, these weigh in at 1.2t as opposed to most micro diggers at 800kg, this makes a huge difference when it comes to power and the ability to progress the excavation at a considerably faster rate.

Available with a selection of buckets and a concrete breaker attachment.

Mini Tracked Dumper & Operator Hire.


Mini Tracked Dumper hire for those jobs that have restricted access.

Our mini tracked dumpers are able to gain access through a standard doorway / garden gate and are ideal to work with both our mini and micro diggers.

We operate the Yamaguchi WB06 Dumpers, these machines have the ability to lift the load straight into a skip so alleviating all the heavy lifting and/or running wheelbarrows up ramps into skips.

Our mini tracked dumpers have a carrying capacity of 600kg and can track at a rate of over 3mph.

Being tracked as opposed to having wheels means our dumpers have an incredible light footprint, these means we can track over wet ground without making ruts. This in turn reduces the amount of remedial / reinstatement work needed once the work is complete.


If you would like to speed your excavation works up, reduce the amount of labour onsite and reduce the damage a conventional wheeled dumper can cause then please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Mini Digger & Screening Bucket.

Mini Digger & Screening Bucket For Hire.

Saving £££s and the environment with our onsite screening solution.

Why pay for muckaway / grab hire and buy topsoil in when we can screen your very own soil on-site saving £££s and most importantly the environment.

We are striving to lower our carbon footprint every step of the way, look out for our mini concrete crusher appearing soon here.

Coming Soon (Mid 2021)

SRL Mini Digger Hire is becoming SRL Large Digger Hire with a estimated delivery date mid 2021.

We will be providing 6t and 8t Midi Digger Hire from the end of July  2021, these will be equipped with the Engcon or Rototilt Tiltrotator systems and available to hire on larger domestic work, small commercial and new build house developments.

As with all our diggers / excavators these will be supplied with highly experienced blue card CPCS or NPORS certificated operators.

We are happy to hire to housing development projects, utilities, commercial, industrial and our favourite work self build projects.

These larger machines equipped with a Tiltrotator are the ideal machine to use when constructing farm tracks, lanes, farm drainage and open trench work for utility services.

We will also be using these machines for our equestrian contracting works, so if you are looking for a highly experienced company to install your next horse arena / menage contact Joe direct on 07747 682451 to discuss your requirements.

  • Highly skilled, certified, time severed operators who will be able to complete the task in a fraction of the time it would take an unskilled operator.
  • Local knowledge, there is not an area within the Midlands we haven’t excavated in, local knowledge is very important when excavating foundations for example, as a lot of time and money can be saved if the ground conditions are known in advance.
  • Our operators have vast knowledge of drainage, footings, foundations, soak-aways, sewage treatment plants, ground reduction and retention, under pinning, propping and shoring, demolition, driveway construction and a whole lot more. Our operators will always be happy to give advice (“without prejudice”) when asked and help wherever they can.
  • Laser levering to +or- just a few millimetres with the aid of our top of the range Topcon laser level, machine receiver and grading beam, saving literally hours upon hours of hand raking and levelling.
  • Tool hire, our vans are generally loaded with all the tools you could possible need to complete your task, trench rammers, compactor plates, hydraulic breakers, petrol cut off saws, wheel barrows, post hole shovels, spades, brushes and so on.
  • Liability, when hiring mini digger and operator “we” take full liability for theft of our equipment saving you the customer the need to take out expensive third party insurance.
  • Mini diggers are not toys and the possibility of damage to the machine, property, yourself or people working around you is always a risk when inexperienced operators take to the controls of a mini digger.  
  • Liability, under most circumstances hire companies make you liable for damage and/or theft, they don’t always advise of this and you will only realise once you have a problem and the hire company draws your attention to the hire document you signed upon delivery stating the aforementioned. It is definitely advisable to clarify the situation regarding liability and insurance with your plant hire company before the hire commences as a 3t mini digger would cost over £30,000 + to replace.
  • Liability insurance is therefore advisable, this can sometimes be purchased through the larger hire companies as a bolt on, some home insurance companies will cover hired in plant but not so many do nowadays due to the increase in thefts or alternately a quick internet search will pull up some results where insurance can be purchased.
  • The majority of hire companies state on their terms and conditions that liability is not passed back to them until the machine has been collected. This means you could “off hire” a machine on a Friday but the hire company may not collect until Monday, you would still be liable for that machine until it was collected on the Monday.

Micro / Mini digger & Operator hire.

Micro & Mini diggers available to hire with experienced time served CPCS or NPORS certificated operators. Our mini digger and driver hire is available 24/7 with a range of excavators from 1t micro digger through to 6t midi diggers. Our mini diggers are also available with Engcon Tiltrotator attachment.

Engcon rototilt.

We have invested in what we believe is the best thing since the creation of the Mini Excavator. Introducing the Engcon Tiltrotator Attachment 360 degrees rotation and tilts in all axises enabling our machines to reach the difficult to reach parts that you normally have to dig by hand.

JCB 3CX & Operator hire.

JCB 3CX available to hire with an experienced certificated operator. JCB 3CX and driver hire is available 24/7 and comes with concrete breaker and a selection of buckets. We hire on a day rate basis seven days a week and provide a 24/7 emergency call out service.


Wide range of Ditching/Grading buckets for both micro and mini diggers, toothed and toothless buckets available. Concrete breaker (additional charges apply), Landscape rakes, Grapple, Compactor wheels, Ripper teeth, Pallet forks, Compactor plates, Brush cutters, Hedge cutters, 6ft sweeping attachment

small demolitions.

We take on small to medium demolition and dismantling jobs, we are ideally suited to the smaller end of the scale. We take on anything from a single garage to a whole house or small commercial buildings and industrial units. Under normal circumstances we take on the demolition as part of a complete groundworks package to include.

grab lorry hire.

Eight wheeler grab hire for commercial, domestic and utility work. We serve commercial, trade, utilities and home owners with the same level of service, diligence and most importantly price commitment. “On time every time, that is why we should be your first choice for grab hire.


Bulk quarried and recycled aggregates supplied throughout the West Midlands. MOT Type 1, 20mm Ballast, 10mm Gravel, 20mm Gravel, 20mm - 5mm Gravel, 20mm - 40mm Gravel, Sharp Sand, Dry screen building sand, 75mm - 150mm Gabion Fill, Topsoil and Road Plannings.


Our groundworks service is available throughout the West Midlands and beyond and include but not limited to:- Drainage, Footings, Ground reduction, Ground stabilisation and retention, Ponds, Soakaway systems and Driveway construction.

Garden and jungle clearances.

Garden and jungle clearance services for commercial & domestic customers. Garden clearance / jungle clearance covers tasks such as breaking up and removing old patios, sheds, concrete paths and brick walls and other garden structures. It also includes clearing bushes and vegetation etc.

Driveways, Tracks & Access Roads.

As part of our Groundwork Services we install quality driveways, tracks and access roads for both commercial and domestic customers. We provide Block Paving, Tarmacadam and Gravel Driveway installations and also "stone up" and compact farm access tracks, private access roads, haulage yards and car parks..

We cover the whole of the Midlands for Mini Digger and Driver Hire.

We also take on quoted work for Footings / Foundations, Ground Reduction and Retention, Open trench work for Drainage, Gas, Electric and Water, LPG gas tanks / vessels, septic tanks, cesspits and soak-aways.

If you need a service we haven’t listed please contact us on 07747 682451 to discuss your requirements and we will do our best to help.

Dependent on size of job / contract we can and do work Nationwide.

Reviews of srl (simply recycling ltd)

Please find a few feedback comments below, these are a small sample of what can be found on the internet, such as:- Facebook,, Google Maps and Google Places. All feedback is genuine and from genuine customers, please take the time to look for further reviews on SRL (Simply Recycling Ltd).

Absolutely brilliant can't recommend this company any higher first class job at a very good price . Thanks a lot Joe you are one in a million it's a pitty all trades men aren't as dedicated as you. THANK YOU.
5 star review image.
David G
I got Simply Recycling to dig out our front and rear gardens ready for paving. The mini digger driver was fantastic and cleared so much more in 1 day than I could have. It was my first grab lorry too, so i wasn't sure how much soil it'd hold, but after seeing it I'd never use a skip for this type of job again. Great honest, hard working lads and all for a good price. A good find. Thanks. .
5 star review image.
Mark C
Great communication, was here the next day at the time they said they would be. Friendly driver & did a excellent job. All my soil was removed in no time at all. Would definitley recommend. Thanks again
5 star review image.
Lucie C
We've just had a full lorry load of soil and rubble collected. SRL were on site within an hour of calling them for a quote. The site was left clear enough for the drive to be re-used without even needing to sweep it. Very helpful and diligent and as noted in other comments, the vehicles are well maintained. Would definitely 100% recommend this company to anyone, Joe and his son are spot on.
5 star review image.
Adam B
Had my back garden cleared and levelled by Simply Recycling . Very good service provided by the lads. Family run business that takes care and pride in their work. Will use again in the future. Thank You for all your help.
5 star review image.
Justin W
We have used Simply Recycling a number of times now over the past 18 months and recommended them to neighbours who have also had work carried out. Excellent standard of work, friendly and reasonable prices. Extremely pleased with the service on every occasion, hard working and down to earth, rare to find, thank you to Joe and the lads for providing a very good service.
5 star review image.
Rob T

Areas we cover for domestic and small commercial work:- Aldridge, Bearwood,  Birmingham, Bloxwich, Bournville, Bromsgrove, Brownhills, BurtonCannock, Cheshire, Coleshill,  Coventry, Dudley, Edgbaston, Erdington, Great Barr,  Hall Green, Halesowen, Harborne, Kidderminster, Kings Heath, Kings Norton, Kingshurst, Kingstanding,  Knowle, Ladywood, Leamington SpaLichfield, Longbridge,  Marston Green, Meriden, Minworth, Monkspath, Monmore Green, Moseley, Moxley, Nechells,  Northfield, Oldbury, Penn, Perry Barr, Quinton, Redditch, Rednal, Rowley Regis, Rubery, Rushall, Saltley, Sandwell, Sedgley, Selly Oak, Shirley, Small Heath, Smethwick, Solihull, Staffordshire, Stirchley, Stourbridge, Streetly, Sutton Coldfield,  TamworthTelford, Tettenhall,  WalsallWarwickshire, Warley, Wednesfield, Wednesbury, Weoley Castle, West Bromwich, Willenhall, Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

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